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Role of Specialists in Tree Services

Tree services include all activities and cultural techniques such as planting of trees, fertilization, pathogen and pest management, pruning, shaping as well as removal. People who have specialized in these tree services are known as arborists. When doing the physical maintenance, those people who offer tree services may be required to climb on the trees or work without climbing. Safety is key hence should be maintained at all times when carrying out these tree services hence people involved should be trained properly on the safety measures. A very important training that should be done is on how to work near power cables to ensure that safety is maintained for the people doing tree service. For those climbing trees to maintain the trees, there are safe techniques that should be used when ascending to prevent one from falling off such as single rope technique or double rope technique. Other than being qualified to offer tree services, experience to work safely and effectively around the trees is very essential. Most of the tree services includes manipulation and physical maintenance of trees such as tree chipping, tree pruning, and tree removal.

Removal of branches and limbs that have already been removed is known as tree chipping. During tree removal and pruning the yard may be messed up hence tree chipping comes in handy to clear that mess from the branches likely to be left behind. The process of tree pruning or trimming is done for the purpose of removing the deadwoods, sustaining and improving health, preparing specimens for transplanting, shaping, increasing yield as well as preventing the dangers of falling branches. The dead, damaged, diseased, branches not well structured, unproductive and unwanted branches are the most likely to be removed during tree pruning. It is important to use appropriate pruning techniques to ensure that the tree is not damaged when doing the tree pruning.

Getting rid of a whole tree in a yard which might also include the tree stump is known as tree removal. Some of the reasons that may lead to tree removal include when the tree is already dead, damaged or unhealthy, in case the tree roots are encroaching a house, when the direction the tree is leaning toward is dangerous and also when one is renovating the landscape that are likely to cause harm to the tree. Some people may also remove a tree when it doesn’t have a good structure such that is likely to fall or its branches causing damages. To ensure safety during tree removal, it is important to consult specialists in tree removal to carry out the activity since they have the right skills and knowledge and will ensure safety during the process. The specialists also have the proper tools and equipment to carry out tree removal.

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