The Art of Mastering Styles

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Typical Mens Wear Your Wardrobe Should Always Sport

While some men may wish they could dress better, very few of them have an idea where to start. The problem lies between having very little clothing in their closet and accumulating a vast collection of garments that do not fit, are old-fashioned, or just look weird. Read on for tips on setting up a classic men’s closet using standard, ever-fashionable, stylish, and multi-purpose garments.

Find the Perfect Jogger Pants

Jogger pants are no longer the reserve of physically active men who wear them as sweatpants. Jogger trousers have become multi-purpose with the makeover of men’s fashion, and wearing them in public is not only stylish but also socially approved. The pants are light and comfortable as they’re made of gentle material (like cotton or polyester) and are great for a relaxed, elegant look.

Dress Shirts of Different Colors

You don’t have a complete men’s closet if it lacks a dress shirt. You could go with several types, starting with a white dress shirt that’s made of durable fabric that gives a classic look, such as plain poplin weave. This type of shirt is ideal for official use, so check that your preferred design suits that objective and it does not have a chest pocket, for example. Choose a double cuffed dress shirt for use with cufflinks and get a more pronounced look.

You may also wish to add a blue dress shirt to your trendy collection. You don’t want this one looking the same as the white option, so choose a barrel or button cuff. To pick a fiber that’s built to pass the test of time, select twill or even poplin weave.

A Formal Worsted-System Suit

Worsted suits look elegant because their fabric is an outcome of yarn processing to give a smoother, sleeker, and more uniform feel. The type of a suit is a staple official wear for any fashionable men’s closet. Color is every important when it comes to choosing a suit, and in this case, navy can never disappoint. Avoid anything black, except for when going to a funeral. In any case, many cultures today consider navy or charcoal to be also fine for funeral. Be sure the suit is well fitting, including the trousers, and select a durable fabric that’s dense enough to avoid wrinkles.

Buy a Decent Trench Coat

A trench coat is a vital element of your wardrobe as it delivers that stylish look with a classic touch. The ageless item has military roots and can be a priceless possession. When it’s cold out there, you’ll look more elegant wearing a trench coat.

You have to choose the ideal men’s garments to add to your current collection before you can master the art of dressing elegantly and keeping pace with fashion.

The Art of Mastering Styles

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